Having originated from a large Grading, Paving, and Concrete Contractor, our founding members worked on the front lines of the GPS Machine Control Revolution. They built the 3D Site Models, shot site calibrations, met with Civil Engineers and Surveyors to streamline progress, and worked with the entire field team to ensure details and applications. Their consensus was that success in this new era was completely dependent on precise 3D Site Models, constant communication, and the ability to embrace new practices.

Today, DIRT PRO, LLC has grown into an international service company that works hand in hand with Contractors, Civil Engineers, Surveyors, and Developers. We utilize the latest in cutting edge software including: Agtek 4D, AutoCAD, Topcon Office 3D, Trimble Terramodel, Trimble SiteVision Office, and Trimble Business Center. Our Services include 3D Data Preparation for GPS Machine Control and Earthwork Take-Offs for Bids, Budgets, and Quantity Authentication.

DIRT PRO, LLC has an extensive background on many types of projects including:

  • Residential Subdivisions, Apartments, and Condominiums
  • Commercial Developments
  • Heavy Highway
  • Roadway and Parking
  • Airports
  • Mining
  • Golf Courses and Lakes
  • Mass Excavation
  • Utility Excavation
  • Custom Lots
  • A Host of Other Projects

Our goal is to provide detailed and user-friendly information on time, every time. DIRT PRO, LLC offers the most accurate work at competitive prices so contact us today at 480.840.1570 or to discuss your next project!


DIRT PRO, LLC proudly supports the use of GPS Machine Control for many reasons. One major reason is the positive effects that GPS Machine Control has on the environment. The use of GPS Machine Control helps Contractors finish Projects more efficiently which reduces fuel consumption and emissions. GPS Machine Control also reduces the amount of materials needed for Staking and Layout. We look forward to helping Contractors continue to GO GREEN!

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